So ever since I came back from my trip back home (first time in 1.5~ years) this past February, I feel like I haven’t taken too many great photos. I also haven’t been too inspired either, which we’ll just call laziness for the sake of simplicity. Call this a blog post of necessity, I felt like I needed to post something to show what I did between March 2013 and July 2013, because in a few weeks I’ll be embarking on a semi-epic journey to the south of China where I’ll hopefully, and will try my best, take some fantastic photos to share with you guys.

Below are a few blog worthy photos, mostly of friends here and us hanging out. I’ll try to add a description to each photo, and be brief. :P

Here’s Da Fen and Dong Zi in Backyard Bar.

A traditional cemetery in a village. This one being Changyi, about an hour away from Weifang.

My friend Stephen took me to visit his grandparents in a village; they prepared a delicious meal seen here.

The Canadians and I had a Mexican food night! Delicious.

Hanging out at Samantha’s place.

Celeste candid smile.

Josh and LoriAnne.

One of the better sunsets seen round here. Not that great, I know… damn pollution…

Went to Beijing for a few days, saw some live music, I miss that!

Some cherry blossoms (I guess) at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing

An elderly man doing exercises at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. A crowd was gathered to watch him and his money box seemed decent.

This is the only photo that proves that I met my long-time internet friend Zlatko Unger who was in Beijing for a few days.

Chinese poker, I guess.

“Ru Guo You Yi Tian!..” – lol – Spring is here!

Rode a horse for the first time in a while.

Nicole’s very first time riding a horse!

Our friend opened up a new bar. This seems to be a very popular business idea around here. At least 5 new bars have opened since I’ve been here.

My friends put together a little electronic music party “Zi er”

A cool restaurant with images and tokens from the Cultural Revolution and etc. older stuff, was neat.

Stone is Zi er!

We all headed to the Wetland Park south of town for some hanging out and photoshoot time.

Samantha and Avi

Franky and his friend.

Jamie and Sinead at Soho, this place has great lighting!

Colin’s favorite dance move…

This photo (c) Copyright Nicole Zhao, (with my camera) – too awesome not to post. The random strobes refracted through the chandelier and made cool pattern on Avi’s face.

Colin’s birthday and Vincent & Michelle’s epic huge surprise! They were in Canada and I thought I’d never see them again, but due to a long story, they came back! Epic surprise…

Elite Club where Weifang Number 1 Middle School’s Canadian program had a party that they hired me to shoot.

All the girls admire the baby.

These jets fly by constantly. I told them to react quickly and we could get a photo of it!

Joey and Colin singing “A Whole New World” from Alladin.

Some flowers along the river north of town.

A couple poses for a photo north of town.

Get buzzed.

Got on top of the second “gate” of Weifang.

Tia poses during a photoshoot with Franky. Check out his photos here, they’re great!

My first shot of lightning in too long!

Weifang Medical University students celebrating their graduation with some champagne.

My roommate Sahil also graduated, congrats man!

Some Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese (I think?) students pose in their beautiful dresses.


That about does it. Stay tuned for my next blog, should come sometime in late August, it’s gonna be sweet!

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