This post is organized into three parts representing the three countries I traveled to/lived in in 2015; China, Indonesia, and America. While in America, I went home, to Colorado, and to Yellowstone.
Also, for the first time ever, I’ll be including photos taken with a smartphone. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S6. With it’s 16 megapixel f/1.9 camera, it holds it own in many ways. It does 4k video, with image stabilization, too.
I’m also including a few food shots too, as well as group shots with family & friends!


I live and work in China, as I have for four and a half years now. Nine months of the year I was here, and most of that time was in the same city I’ve been in from the get-go: Weifang, in Shandong Province.

Some students of mine wearing some traditional garb.

Indian dancers during the International Festival at my university.

These things have been gaining in popularity, even on roadways. Safety? What’s that?

Cosplay. \
Cosplay goers. My now former coworker and his girlfriend.

I went to Yangshuo, Guilin, in southern China during a holiday.

A nice man gave me rooftop access to his new home to get this elevated shot.
This guy was my first-ever hitchhiker, on a moped I had rented for the day.

Vegetable gun!

the photos below were taken with the Galaxy S6 Got a scooter! And a helmet, not shown. Piping is an afterthought here, in old buildings.
The corn is out drying on the road. Fuyanshan Temple near my university. View from the top — the highest point in Weifang. Another perspective from the top. Mason high-fives some kids near the drying corn. They dry it in any available spot.
EDM party in a field near a river!
Old cannon on what’s left of the city wall.
Some friends and I rode our bikes north to the man-made beach along the river. Sahil and Arif on a roof.

Tanghulu – candied hawthown fruits on a stick, traditional winter-time street desserts.

I saw this happen, it was not set up. I had to take a photo. Wow. Heart-shaped leaf. Craig’s iguana, Mogwai 2. (#1 died.) Someone put beer in the freezer to get cold quickly, but forgot to remove it, and then this happened.

Zhuan bing, a late-night street-wrap. One of 365 dinners.

A coin-operated plush-toy claw game in a club in China.


During the month-long Chinese New Year, aka Spring Festival, we went to Indonesia! Primarily Bali and the Gili Islands near Lombok. Also; we’re headed back there in February 2016!

Sunset on Bali. Polarized sunset.

Chimpanzee (I think?) chillin’

Craig in the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali

Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple, Bali.

Holy spring-fed bath.


I was in America for two months during 2015! The brothers and I took a road trip to Yellowstone National Park from our home in Texas. We stopped by Colorado and enjoyed some of their new laws, as well!

the photos below were taken with the Galaxy S6

There were many fires in the midwest in August of 2015. Some of the skies resembled China’s smog, at times. But luckily it didn’t last too long.

Medicine Bow National Forest in southeastern Wyoming.

Deep Creek campground in Medicine Bow Nat’l Forest, WY.

On the way to Yellowstone.

Made it to Yellowstone! Here’s a canyon.

Phone-generated panorama, look at the repetitive cloning or whatever it did, haha. Or perhaps because I was panning the same way the water was flowing? Moving objects and rolling shutter panorama captures always have issues. Not bad though.


the photos below were taken with the Galaxy S6

This is progress!

This photo is cool because it shows again how a rolling shutter works. All the different color bands was because the lights in the bar were flashing random colors. Love the dude flipping the bird in the middle, haha.

I happened to miss the first ever blooming if the Corpse Flower in North America when I was visiting Denver.

Hometown Area

the photos below were taken with the Galaxy S6

One of the best parts of coming home in the summer of 2015 was that there had been a long period of heavy rains in the late spring, after a very long and serious drought in the area, so I got to come home to a relatively green place. I took these photos for myself, to remind me of home whenever I miss it.

Rock-stackers exist everywhere! This hobby transcends cultures.

If you don’t have a stable foundation, you’re in trouble. That’s true for houses, and life in general. This house is near a river, perhaps the ground underneath collapsed a bit in the 30+ (40+?) years of it’s existence.

A new paint job goes a loooooooooong way!

I went to school on China Street for 18 years. Little did I know then that I’d be later living in China for over four years.

My old middle school has an historical marker. Does yours?

A rainstorm coming in as I sit with my mother on the porch of my childhood house. This photo means a lot to me. Storms are just less frequent and less beautiful here. Texas weather is legendary, guys.

2015 was the year of the selfies and I say good. LESS IS MORE, but, good.

San Antonio Pipes & Drums performing in Ingram, Texas near the replica Stonehenge during a Celtic Festival being held nearby.

My hometown has a replica of the Stonehenge. Not to scale, though. Source: I’ve seen the real one.

Yes, world. Some geniuses from my hometown love to put a literal replica ball-sack, testicle-toting around town with this pink junk swinging back and forth.

One of the coolest homes in my small hometown of around 3,000~ people.

The Springs

Fredericksburg, Texas

Fill ‘er up.

Hands down the worst quality photo on this blog, ever. But I love the content too much not to post it. It’s a pedi-cab with Darth Vader on the back! Austin, Texas, I love you.

Barton Springs, Austin, Texas

Hippy Hollow, Austin, Texas. One of the few places being nude is legal in the state of Texas.

I’ve had this bike since high school, I used it all through college, and I use it every time I go home. My mother bought this for me and it’s one of the most useful and long-lasting things I’ve ever owned. Cheers to many more years of use, bikey!

The Texas State Capitol, Austin, Texas.

The final sunrise I saw before getting on the plane to head back to China. September, 2015.

Food Porn

Okay, so I just used the word porn in hopes to get more hits from internet bots, lol. Food was eaten! Here is proof.

the photos below were taken with the Galaxy S6

Family & Friends Group Shots

This post is way too lengthy already, so I give you the choice to load the images or keep them hidden, haha. You’re welcome. Additionally: I didn’t get nearly enough photos with friends! I’ll fix that in 2016!

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This post is dedicated to my loving and wonderful Grandmother, who has reminded me time and time again to post on this blog more often!

Well, I’m going to start posting at least seasonally! That’s right, a whopping minimum four blog posts guaranteed from me from now on, per year, haha. The thing is, most of these photos are from only a few months during the year. I don’t necessarily have anything blog-worthy from month to month, but then again, I can always just try harder! Cheers to the new year, and for making progress!

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