love is the perfect example of yin and yang. it can give us the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. without one, there would surely not exist the other.

a lot has happened in the past year. some of it i am severely behind on editing and sharing with all of you. some of what i cannot share has been some of the most exciting times in my life. i look forward to being able to share those details loudly and proudly in the future, but until then, i will work on the blueprint from the ground up.

i want to use this blog more often, casually, informally, and without comments. sometimes, i don’t need feedback. i have a long way to go in terms of writing, but then again, this isn’t for any particular viewer. this is basically a release.

i have renewed focus this year, and not only for this year. this year is going to be one huge-ass stepping-stone / ladder. not only in terms of my photography, but in a broader sense. details as they become public!

love. so much love…

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