Buddhist Monks and Rock & Roll

It’s been about four months since I last updated this blog. February and March weren’t particularly photo-worthy so I wanted to wait until I had enough good content, then April and May happened and now I have too many to choose from, haha. Here are some of my favorites. You’ll be able to find all of them on Flickr very soon, I’ll update this post with a link when they’re up.

Nicole & I at the Weifang International Kite Festival

These little chairs are everywhere here, and are surprisingly sturdy.

Spring is here!

Every year Weifang has a kite festival, it’s this city’s claim to fame. It was the first thing I learned about Weifang, even before I could properly pronounce it’s name (Way fah-ung). People come from all over the globe (not in droves, but it’s true) to attend this event. Click here to see more photos on Flickr!

Nicole got me a bunny! Her name is Twitch. ^o^

Nicole, Natalie and Sahil                                                                                           This is not an uncommon sight here.

A nearby town called Shouguang had it’s annual vegetable expo, I went and checked it out. Here you see a detail shot of a sculpture made, at least externally, from aligned kernels of corn. Below are some traditional looking buildings made from tomatoes, melons and gourds. Click here to see more photos on Flickr!

During China’s May Labor Day holiday, Natalie, Sahil. Nicole & I went to Beijing to attend the MIDI Music Festival. The festival lasted for three days but we only attended the middle day, during which Mos Def was supposed to be performing. He either canceled or was never going to play, not really sure, kind of how things work here, but anyway, it was really fun nevertheless! We camped in a tent on the grounds, the whole deal. There were four stages, one with heavy rock, another with punk rock, one with electronic and one with jazz music. A nice big area so it wasn’t too crowded. People lined the pathways with things to sell. Click here to see more photos on Flickr!

The next morning we packed up our tent and split ways, as Natalie and Sahil had different train times than Nicole and I. We went to an English bookstore and stayed inside in the A/C and read all kinds of stuff we can’t get in Weifang. We ventured down one of the many food alleys and I spotted these delicacies. I did not indulge, but perhaps another time.
Nicole and I traveled to Qingzhou to check it out since it’s only a 20 minute train ride away. There is a large Muslim population there, as well as some Buddhist temples on a small nearby mountain. There’s a very ancient part of the city that still has (not sure how) old buildings, but what looks like for sure centuries old cobblestone rickety roads. Nearby is a Mosque, and we arrived right at one of the 5 prayer times.
We headed to the mountain late in the day, with the notion that we would be able to stay with some of the Buddhist nuns. Turns out we were right, they welcomed us. We slept in different places, as they of course don’t allow the same gender to sleep together. Nicole slept with the nuns, I slept with the construction workers. I’m so glad I had my iPod, as their snoring was quite impressive. They woke us up at 4:30 when they began their one and a half hour chanting/praying. I joined for maybe 30 minutes, just standing still next to them in the aisles, but eventually I’d had enough and went and photographed the sunrise. They then fed us a vegetarian breakfast, where we had to finish every morsel, even the tiny pieces of rice or potato in our bowl, something you’d normally wash out. They didn’t allow waste. We were then fortunate enough to get a ride back into town by someone who was heading that way. A pretty cool experience! Click here to see more photos on Flickr!

This four-year-old girl said, “foreigners are annoying because they can only speak English!”, haha.

If you made it this far, thanks so much for checking out my post! I hope you weren’t bored. Don’t forget to check back later, I’ll have links to Flickr for more photos!
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    Awesome pictures of China. Make me want to visit too. It must feel like you are on another planet. Keep up the good work!!

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    I truly appreciate how your photography has evolved. This is wonderful! You know I love you, Charlie :)

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    Charlie,……GREAT photos !!!! I miss China so much, it looks like you are having a BLAST.

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