Christmas & Stuff

These exist here, cool.

Just in case you need to buy an Angry Birds or Hello Kitty balloon late at night.

I already bought a hookah online, but we found some in a shop in Beijing.

Near Sanlitun, these tents house many a street food vendor.

Shaokao (烧烤) – barbeque, yum.

Natalie and I visited one of her friends who lived in the area. Here’s a photo of her puppy!

One of the real Apple stores here. There’s a fake one on every other corner.

We decided to have lunch with one of the guys we shared our hostel room with, I had spotted a Mexican food place the night before, and lo and behold, they also served Vietnamese, he had just come back from there. Win/win.




Sanlitun Village

Sanlitun Street, kind of like Austin’s 6th Street.

Had an early Christmas dinner at Daria’s place, here’s a photo I took on the way. Back to my long exposure roots! Time to get a tripod, though. This shot made possible by a trash can.


One of Weifang’s many bridges.

Every time you eat at a restaurant here, there are these on the table. Shrink-wrapped porcelain plate, bowl, cup, glass cup and chopsticks. I guess it’s to signify it’s clean?

Hotpot below DaFen’s new bar.


Here are how most public toilets look here. Not just the men’s restroom, either. Thankfully, I haven’t had to do “#2″ in one of them yet, and really hoping to keep it that way, lol.

Went to a hot spring with Santalia and one of her friends.

On the way back, we stopped in the neighboring village, found a small church, Santalia played piano for a bit and we chatted with the friendly men inside.

I asked if I could take his photo, he said okay. I like how you can see the shadow from the cross on the wall behind him.

Here are how many days look like here. F(s)moggy.

I met up with Stephen to attend another photography meet. Turns out, the one I went to previously, his friend is the organizer of it.

Turns out there was a big event going on for the gym across the street from where I live, performances and such, guess the photo-group organizer figured it would make for some interesting photos. Well, he was right!

Someone else’s flash went off & made this photo more interesting.


Inside DaFen’s new bar, before.

Inside DaFen’s bar, after.

Sounds like something you’d see in Texas, right? This is one of the many English signs/decorations put up in the place.

Julie went and bought everyone KFC. Lots of KFC!

Lots of alcohol.

Lots of organized alcohol!

Putting up Christmas decor.

The bar opened on Christmas Eve, a grand party it was!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Haha.

Using my phone as a fill light. Love this dance move.

At school we also had some Christmas festivities! Here are some photos of such.

Over the past few months, we’ve been giving the kids fake money for being good, having right answers, etc. Today they could finally use them to buy some little things, drinks, snacks, little toys, etc. Here’s a transaction happening!

No clue.

A popular pose among the boys. I guess it’s from some show? Haha.

Nick putting a kid in a head-lock. All in good fun!

Of course, some learning still must be done, even on Christmas.

1, 2, 3, paper airplanes!


Check out the backpack.

Here are my Christmas presents! One apple from my employer, two apples from students, a Christmas card from Natalie, and a pop-up Naruto (anime)… thing.


Peter invited me over for another lovely dinner. His Korean neighbors also came, and I brought Santalia.

Peter was to my left trying to make his youngest daughter smile, out of the several shots, I thought this was the best, with the mom and other daughter looking at her, aw.

I totally had a 1 hour 20 minute Skype video call with Emily, Brad & Amanda! I made sure they saw all my webcam software’s silly filters.


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